WRM Termite Services

Services provided for the following:

  • Individual homeowners
  • Commercial property owners
  • Property management companies
  • Homeowners associations
  • Escrow companies
  • Real estate companies
WRM Termite Control offers full service termite and pest control services, including: termite and pest eradication, extermination, removal, control, management and identification. We provide FREE accurate termite and pest inspections with easy to read termite reports and certifications. If your home or business requires fumigation, we will notify the gas company on your behalf, and walk you through the preparations for the fumigation. A 4 Year Warranty is offered with every termite and pest fumigation. WRM Termite Control also provides you with full-service construction and painting for termite, dry rot and water damaged wood.

Also available:
  • Wood replacement list
  • Flexible termite and pest control service contracts
  • Warranty services
  • Referral incentives
  • Senior discounts